Thursday, March 23, 2006


After seeing a post on questions they would like to ask President [sic] Bush, I decided to put up some questions that I would like to ask him in regards to our immigration policies:

1. Mr. Bush why are only heterosexuals allowed to sponsor their spouses or loved ones under our immigration laws? Do you think that only heterosexuals can have a loving and caring relationship? Why does our sexual orientation automatically disqualify us for equal treatment and benefits enjoyed by other citizens?

2. Mr. Bush what is the purpose of offering asylum to people fleeing persecution if the government then makes these people jump through hoops like dogs just so they can get protection?

3. Mr. Bush what is the purpose of the so called "one-year deadline"? And why does the government say that there are exceptions when there are esentially no exceptions?

4. Mr. Bush why is it that if a person is so lucky to be granted asylum, then it takes up to 14 years to get any type of permanent status? How long does one need to wait?

5. Mr. Bush why are the American partners of gays and lesbians considered insignificant in asylum claims? Is it because we are not the ones who should worry about being deported or is because you and the Republican party think that we really don't count as human beings at all?

6. Mr. Bush why is that even when a gay or lesbian couple get married and that marriage is legally recognized elsewhere the USA will not even consider it? Oh that would be because of DOMA. You remember that law passed by a majority of Republicans and unfortunately signed by Clinton.

7. Mr. Bush how do you sleep at night knowing that American citizens are living in exile due to our sick immigration policies supported by you and your so called "compassionate conservatives"?

8. Mr. Bush why are the Republicans hijacking the UAFA (Uniting American Families Act) and bottling it up in committees so it has no chance of being able to help remedy a tremendous failure and injustice in our immigration policy?

9. Mr. Bush how would you feel if one of your family members had to live in exile and the only reason was the person they loved? What would Dick Cheney do if his lesbian daughter fell in love with a foreign partner? Would Mary get special treatment or would she have to live in exile too?

10. And finally Mr. Bush how can you even profess to call yourself compassionate when you are aware that this sick injustice in being perpetrated against United States citizens. Shouldn't you be ashamed?

Saturday, March 18, 2006


March 19th is me and my partner's first year of being married in Canada.
What a happy day! It's a shame that we can't be home celebrating. I long for the day when we will finally be recognized.

Monday, March 13, 2006


On March 4, 2006 Democrats Abroad passed a resolution supporting the Uniting American Families Act saying that the bill is currently awaiting action.
This a total lie--awaiting action that is.
In realty the bill is waiting to die--that is why it is being held up. Most of our do-nothing congress care nothing about their citizens who are unable to come home and bring their families with them. I wonder how they are able to sleep at night knowing their citizens are being exiled to other countries and unable to come home. I also wonder why the American media can be silent when thousands of citizens are unable to be reunited with their families without having to leave their loved ones behind.